• Abdomen Coverage: The bikini's design with greater coverage in the abdomen can be appealing to individuals who prefer a more modest or comfortable fit in that area.
  • Low-Cut Leg: The low-cut leg design adds a touch of style and can also be comfortable for those who prefer less coverage on the legs.
  • Exclusive APPLOD Print: The exclusive print adds a unique and personalized touch to the bikini, making it stand out from other swimwear options.
  • Chlorine Resistant: Chlorine resistance is a valuable feature for swimwear, as it helps maintain the vibrant colors and fabric quality even after exposure to chlorinated pools, ensuring durability.
  • Solar Protection: The fabric's ability to block UV rays is essential for protecting your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. 
  • Solar Transpiration: The ability to protect the color from sweat is a practical feature, as swimwear can be subjected to both sweat and sun, which can affect the fabric over time.
  • Recycled Polyester: Using recycled materials, such as polyester, is an environmentally responsible choice. It helps reduce waste and lessen the environmental impact of fashion production.